The great adventure of a Holiday Maker

Once you have an idea of a busyness, and if you have been working for years in hostelry…….Normally your busyness ideas goes in that direction. So I thought…..Ok,Lets see what can we do? What i know to do? I know to make holidays, I know where clients can have that experience they dream to have.

So I decide to make holidays for all of you. By the way…..” WE MAKE HOLIDAYS” you can read on the company logo comes from a brainstorming session walking in the night, I do almost everyday.

Once the decision is made, the real problems start. You will never imagine the amount of crucial decision you have to take for every step you take. Beside i have to face a lot of things i was not prepared for.

First nightmare: The name of the web!!!! Then I spent weeks searching for a good one…..and for a good price. The range goes from 15$ to 15.000$.  So finally our web name was (.net instead of .com extension was really risky). But .net extension is by far better price. I learn that to choose one good name there is some tricks. First and crucial, if you tell somebody to write it down by telephone and can not do it easily, forget this one.

Second nightmare: The proper web design. This time was easy and the reason is KIGO company. They offer the best solution. I have to thank them for the incredible help and the solutions they offer, beside the personnel was fully prepared and extremely helpfull and friendly.

Thrid nightmare: The company logo, an advice…….do it online, there is many companys to can do that for an affordable price. I choose Logojoy. And i made the best decision.

For today I write a lot, its my first time blogging in life, i am sure you realize…….Promise to improve with time.

Dont forget to visit the web, i am sure there is a holiday for you in our market.

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